Beginner’s Guide to Ketogenic Diet For a Vegan


A Ketogenic diet is a diet that emphasizes on eating more proteins and little or no carbohydrates. This makes your body reach a Ketogenic stage.
A Ketogenic diet requires one to eat more proteins in order to have a healthy muscle mass. One may think that vegans have limited sources of protein. Here are the sources of protein for vegans:


TofuThis is a perfect substitute for meat since it is made from soybeans. It has high protein and calcium content. Since it is good at absorbing spice flavors, one can marinate it before cooking to add that perfect spicy aroma to it. One should judge how they feel after increasing their consumption of tofu since one may gain weight as a result. This is because soy has goitrogens which may easily impair the thyroid function.


Seitan is made from wheat gluten mixed with ginger, garlic, seaweed and soy sauce. It is a source of protein and iron while also being low in fat. It is not meant for those who are gluten intolerant.

Nuts and seeds

Many nuts and seeds are a good source of proteins. They include pumpkin seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds and even flax seeds.

Dairy replacements

coconut milkOne should replace milk with the nutritious coconut milk. The cream is also to be replaced with coconut cream which may need one to blend it with water if too heavy or skim it if it is too light.

Butter should be replaced with coconut oil. This is because coconut oil’s melting point is lower but has a similar smoking point with butter. One can also opt to use vegan butter if they do not like coconut oil. One should be careful when choosing vegan butter since the one containing hydrogenated oil increases one’s chances of getting heart diseases.

Yogurt can be replaced with nut-based yogurt which can be made from almonds, cashew nuts or even coconut milk. The yogurt should not have any sugars or hidden carbohydrates.

Coconut oil

This should be used for baking and cooking. It has unsaturated fatty acids that have a long and medium chain. This makes it the best source of fuel for people on a keto diet.

Olive oil

It has a wide variety of transfats and is healthier. It enhances flavor and fat content of different dishes. It should not be used on temperatures above four hundred and five degrees Fahrenheit to make it not oxidize.

Avocado oil

This has more monounsaturated fats with a high smoking point making it the best for deep frying, cooking, and baking.

Red palm oil

This is a source of vitamin E and A. it has a buttery texture and is carrot flavored. It is best used to prepare the vegan foods since it has a higher smoking point than coconut and olive oil.